From Positive Feedback online review, Issue 45.

Written by Ed Kobesky:

"The improvements are immediately noticeable and equivalent to moving up to the next price class, and perhaps beyond. The soundstage snaps into focus with greater clarity. The noise floor drops substantially, along with surface noise, which is pushed deep into the background as it is on more expensive tables."

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From ToneAudio online review,  Issue 3.

Written by Jeff Dorgay:

"Here’s what makes the Groovetracer products the best: attention to detail and precision tolerances. The further out of round your platter and subplatter are, the more speed variation there will be along with increased wow and flutter."

Read the full ToneAudio review here.

Price: $275 * In stock.

Add a Delrin platter to your order and receive a 10% discount.


Deluxe - Second only to the Reference, this model enhances the already excellent performance of the Standard model by the inclusion of a sapphire thrust plate and zirconia (ZrO2) ball which is also featured in the top of the line Reference model.  This combination offers a superior low frictional interface that will last many years and produce an almost silent background for the music to emerge.

Price: $235 (Special order only)

Price: $195 (Special order only)

*Please indicate your turntable model when ordering.*


NOTE: These three subplatter models also fit the RP6 but must be used in combination with either the delrin or acrylic platter.

-Important Features-

Items supplied to complete the installation

Recommended maintenance: Re-oil the bearing shaft and thrust plate every year of operation.

A subplatter model is also available for the RP6 here.

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